Maiza Hixson & Lauren Ruth present

PRE-VAPORISM: Movement in the Shaft, 2012

video by Brendan Keegan

The Shaft is a young philosopher who recently graduated from one of the top MFA programs in the country (MFUSA). It rose to fame in 2011 for a series of artistic and curatorial provocations that garnered a frenzy of media attention. Espousing a new theory that “Art is what is made before the aliens get us,” The Shaft’s “Pre-Vaporist Movement” has quickly become the single most popular argument made for art of the 21st Century. The Shaft defines Pre-Vaporism as the belief that since all art is going to be incinerated forever by an uncontrollable outside force anyway, then all object-based art must be futile.

The subject of a feature story in the January 2012 edition of L’Art For Homme (a men’s fine art magazine), The Shaft stated:

“Pre-Vaporism is:

-A non-objective art movement
-The past, present, and future of art
-Art before the world is obliterated

Pre-Vaporism is not:

-A dance party
-The product of a lazy artist philosopher
-For display purposes
-For sale”

The Shaft

Pre-Vaporism, 2012

movement in shaft

dimensions variable

Courtesy of The Shaft Space, Philadelphia

Pre-Vaporism SNEAK PREVIEW with Original Soundtrack