The SHAFT: Intensive Six-Week Curatorial Training School for Artists

The Shaft Space announces the grand opening of two new galleries in collaboration with the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Co-founders Maiza Hixson and Lauren Ruth will teach curatorial practice to UArts MFA students out of two open-air galleries that students will erect and curate throughout the summer as part of a hands-on curatorial curriculum. The Shaft galleries at UArts are designed without walls and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Students will learn to apply curatorial methods to art making, to conceptualize and critique exhibitions, and to write press releases and curatorial statements. “The Shaft will encourage students to produce critically-engaged, participatory exhibitions that place a strong emphasis on safety, affordability, accessibility, portability, and hours of opening pleasure,” Hixson and Ruth said.

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